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Knowing Your Rights Under the WARN Act

As many workers in Laredo and throughout Texas know, it can be difficult facing a layoff. While it is reasonably expected for employers to follow certain laws and regulations when terminating part of their workforce, such as providing employees with advance notice of a layoff, this does not always occur. In some cases, an employer may have even violated your rights under laws designed to protect Texas workers.

The Law Offices of John R. Solis is dedicated to protecting the rights of workers who have been unlawfully laid off without proper notice. The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN) protects Texas employees from employers who terminate their employment without proper notice. Contact our firm today to learn more. Call 866-465-9093 for a free case evaluation with an experienced attorney.

Who does the WARN Act protect?

Under the WARN Act, wrongfully terminated employees may be eligible for compensation under state and federal law. Employers are required to give employees 60 days advance notice before a plant closing or mass layoff occurs. Layoff notices are designed to protect employees by providing an adjustment period where they can find a new job or pursue training to prepare for work in a different field.

The WARN Act dictates that employers must provide advance notice if it plans to shut down a facility resulting in layoffs of more than 50 employees or more within 30 days. Written notice is required by law if layoffs are to exceed six months.

The WARN Act applies to companies that have more than 100 employees and covers private, non-profit and for-profit employers. The WARN Act covers salaried and hourly workers, supervisors and managers. Local, state and federal government entities that deliver public services are exempted from the WARN Act. In addition, the WARN Act requires that notice is also given to an employee's labor union, a town or city's chief elected official and the state dislocated worker unit.

What if my WARN Act rights were violated?

Unfortunately, many employees may be unaware of the benefits available under the WARN Act. Employees who have been wrongfully terminated may be eligible to receive up to 60 days of back pay, benefits and other forms of compensation. Attorney Solis can assist you in determining if your rights were violated and fight for the benefits you deserve after a wrongful termination.