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Accident Risks at Intersections in Laredo

Laredo auto accident attorneyIntersections can be the most dangerous areas for drivers in Laredo. When vehicles cross at multiple lanes, in four different directions, it only takes one wrong maneuver to cause an accident. 

When pedestrians and bicyclists are thrown into the mix, intersections accidents can be especially dangerous. 

Where the danger exists

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), one of the biggest factors leading to intersection accidents is distracted driving. This often includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Using handheld devices while driving 
  • Adjusting dashboard features or infotainment systems 
  • Eating while driving 
  • Engaging in distracted behavior with passengers 

In order to mitigate the likelihood of an intersection accident, the NSC urges drivers to put down and shut off their phones. This includes avoiding the use of Bluetooth and hands-free technology while driving. 

Drivers must uphold their duty of care at intersections

When approaching an intersection, simply avoiding distracted driving isn't enough to prevent a crash. Drivers must use caution when navigating through an intersection, especially one with multiple lanes and crosswalks. Drivers should watch out for: 

  • Yellow lights: When a traffic light begins to change, it is a caution to slow down and be prepared to stop. However, many drivers speed up and try to blow through yellow lights. 
  • Pedestrians and bicyclists: Intersections must be shared with other road users, especially those using crosswalks. 
  • Left-turning drivers: If you're proceeding straight through an intersection, slow down and be cautious of drivers making left turns - even if you have the right of way. 

In many cases, broadside (or T-bone) accidents can occur at intersections. This happens when one driver is struck from the side, creating the shape of a T. These crashes often result in devastating injuries because the side of a car provides little protection compared to the front and rear. 

After an accident at an intersection, it's crucial that you take the steps to build a solid claim. If you're able to take pictures and speak to witnesses, this can be used as evidence to prove that the other driver acted negligently. 

You should also seek immediate medical attention and refrain from speaking to insurance companies. An experienced Laredo car accident attorney can take care of the rest. Contact our law firm today and find out how we can help. 

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