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Getting Medical Bills Paid after a Rear-End Crash in Laredo

Laredo auto accident attorneyGetting medical bills paid is a top priority for collision victims who are involved in Laredo rear-end accidents.  Whiplash is an especially common rear-end collision injury which occurs when soft tissues are damaged after the body snaps forward and then backward too quickly and too far.  Many other types of injuries can also occur in a rear-end collision. The costs of treatment can be very high.  Collision victims may be able to get auto insurers to pay for medical bills after a collision, but the process can be complicated.


How to Get Medical Bills Paid After a Rear-End Crash in Laredo

The first important thing to determine when trying to get medical bills paid after a rear-end crash in Laredo is who was at fault for the collision. Texas drivers are only required to buy bodily injury and property damage liability insurance. This insurance pays if a policyholder hurts someone else, but won't pay medical costs or other losses for policy holders who get hurt in crashes they cause. As a result, if you were at fault for a crash, you aren't usually going to be able to get medical bills paid by an auto insurer. You could, however, see if there was someone else to blame for the accident- like a car manufacturer if the vehicle was defective or a road designer if problems with the roads led to you causing the collision.

When another driver is at fault for the accident, however, crash victims can pursue a claim to get his insurer to pay bills. In rear-end crashes, fault is usually presumed to belong to the driver in the rear vehicle which struck the back of the lead vehicle. While it may be possible for the rear driver to argue the front driver played some role in causing the crash, like by cutting him off, it is difficult to overcome the presumption the rear driver is to blame.  As a result, usually the persons most likely to get medical bills paid by auto insurers after an accident include those in the front car.  Passengers who were in the rear car could also pursue a case for injury compensation from the rear driver.

Victims who want to seek compensation from the rear driver are going to have to both prove the driver was to blame and prove the extent of their losses. Victims should be able to get all their medical costs covered, as well as receive compensation for other economic and non-financial losses. Insurers will pay up to policy limits. In Texas, the minimum required coverage is $30,000 per person and $60,000 per accident in bodily injury liability coverage. Many motorists chose to buy more than the minimum coverage so they don't end up being at risk of a lawsuit which exceeds their insurance policy limits which they could personally have to pay.

Victims can get insurers to pay for their losses through either an out-of-court negotiated settlement or an injury claim.

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