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How to Fill Out and File a Police Report After a Car Accident

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You’ve been involved in a car accident. Fortunately, there was only minimal damage and no one reported any injuries. You may think you were lucky, but maybe you weren’t:

  • Your car could break down later due to damage that was not obvious at the scene, leaving you with major repair bills and without a vehicle.
  • Injuries can develop hours, days, or even weeks after a crash. You could be out of work for an extended recovery time, unable to pay your bills.
  • If someone else is involved in the accident, they may change their story later, holding you responsible. You could be headed to court as part of an expensive civil suit.

That’s why filing a police report is so important. Get the facts on record to protect yourself.

Call 911, Regardless of the Circumstances

Always call the police to report the accident.

If they respond, they will investigate, survey the scene, and interview witnesses. It’s vital that you are cooperative and honest. Even a small, seemingly innocent fib could haunt you later.

If police do not respond because the accident is deemed minor or they are busy with another emergency:

  • Ask the police what you should do and follow their instructions. Get the name of the person who gave you the advice.
  • Write down notes, take pictures, or make an audio or video recording (with your phone) of the damages, location, and third-party or witness versions of what happened. Get contact information from witnesses.
  • Collect license, car registration, and insurance information from other drivers.
  • File your police report, including information you collected, as soon as possible. Get contact information from the officer handling your case because you may remember details later that you want to add to your account.
  • Promptly file an insurance claim.

Leave the Litigation to Experts

Even if your accident was minor, the legal issues could be major. You may be injured, out of work, and unable to pay medical and repair bills. An insurance company is going to cast doubt on your claims, questioning why any injury or car damage wasn’t immediately reported. They may make a lowball settlement offer to take advantage of your financial distress.

With so much at stake, you need a car accident attorney like the Laredo Law Office of John R. Solis fighting for you. Solis has been handling cases like yours for more than a decade. He’ll use his combination of experience and an aggressive approach to deliver results. He will treat you with the compassion and dignity that you deserve.

You know what happened. Make sure you get the money you deserve. Call the Law Office of John R. Solis before you file an insurance claim. We know the games insurance companies play - how they try to manipulate people’s memories of their accident. We can make sure your story is accurate and heard loud and clear.

Fluent in English and Spanish, contact him today for a free case consultation. He works on a contingency fee basis, so you pay nothing unless you win.

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