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How Laredo Injury Victims Can Protect Their Legal Rights After a Bus Accident

Laredo truck accident attorneyThe consequences of a bus accident can be life-altering for injury victims and their loved ones. Unfortunately, these life-altering consequences are also costly, and bus companies do not always carry sufficient coverage to fully compensate all victims for the full extent of their losses. A single bus accident can cause millions of dollars in damage - not to mention the emotional toll such an accident takes on survivors. With the advice of a Laredo bus accident attorney, injury victims can better protect their legal rights after a bus accident.

One Accident, A Ripple of Consequences

The problem of under-insured motor carriers has been devastating for the family members and survivors of a 2014 bus accident in Delaware. According to The New York Times, three passengers were killed and dozens sustained serious injuries when a tour bus out of New York City rolled off a Delaware highway on-ramp. The driver, who was sleep-deprived and had exceeded federal limits for hours of service, claimed that he had "blacked out." Several passengers had complained about his erratic driving behavior prior to the accident. Unfortunately, the bus was only insured for the federal minimum of $5 million. Because the passengers' claims were expected to far exceed this amount, the insurance carrier deposited the funds with the court, leaving the victims to fight one another for partial payments of their claims.

Texans also experienced the painful effects of a tragic bus accident in March 2017, when a pickup truck crashed into a church mini bus, killing 13 passengers inside. Only the pickup driver and one bus passenger survived the accident. CNN reports that cellphone footage was obtained of the pickup being driven erratically prior to the accident. The National Transportation Safety Board ultimately concluded that the pickup truck crossed the center line of the highway 19 times and traveled onto the shoulder 37 times. Investigators also found prescription medications and marijuana in the pickup truck.

Yet another accident led to a devastating tragedy for the community of Mount Pleasant. According to CBS DFW, the Mount Pleasant High School boys track team was returning from a meet when a semi-truck veered into oncoming traffic. The coach driving the bus attempted to pull the bus into a ditch to avoid collision, but the big rig slammed into the side of the bus anyway, causing the bus to roll. The coach was killed and 18 students were injured. A female assistant track coach traveling in a car behind the bus was also killed when her vehicle hit the semi-truck head-on.  

Justice for Victims of Bus Accidents

A single bus accident can cause millions of dollars in damage, injuries, and death. This can make it difficult for victims and their families to obtain compensation in the wake of a serious bus accident with many casualties. With the legal advice of an experienced bus accident attorney, victims can explore sources of compensation, other liable parties, and other legal theories which can improve their access to compensation. Contact a Laredo car accident attorney after any bus accident in order to explore and understand your legal rights.

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