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School Zone Safety a Priority for Laredo Drivers

Laredo car accident attorneyA car accident occurred in late September after a crossing guard was struck by a vehicle outside a Laredo High School. While the extent of the crossing guard's injuries is currently unknown, eyewitness accounts indicate the guard was directing traffic at United South High School when the crash occurred.

Experienced car accident lawyer John R. Solis knows drivers and pedestrians alike have a responsibility to safely share the road. However, this does not always happen at intersections across the city. When drivers engage in behaviors that put pedestrians at risk and an accident occurs, it's critical to speak with an attorney about your legal options.

As a result of the accident, KGNS.TV recently spotlighted a number of important driving practices and safety tips that all drivers should remain aware of when approaching school zones, crosswalks and other intersections throughout the city.

Accident raises concerns over pedestrian safety

According to the KGNS.TV article, officers from the Laredo police department patrol some of the busiest intersections near school zones within city limits, including the intersection of Lidenwood and Del Mar in front of United Middle School.

Officers told KGNS.TV that while their responsibility is to make sure school children safely cross the street, much of the responsibility lies in the hands of drivers approaching and passing through school zones. Officers are equipped with fluorescent vests and whistles to provide warning to drivers approaching a crosswalk before, during or after school hours.

But despite these warnings, police told KGNS.TV that not all drivers follow the law while traveling through school zones. Drivers tend to speed more during the morning hours than afternoon, while cell phone use and texting while driving remain a constant threat to pedestrians attempting to cross the road.

Driver attention key to preventing accidents

According to the Texas Highway Safety Annual Report for fiscal year 2013, there were 3,398 traffic accident fatalities in Texas in 2012. This includes 478 pedestrians killed in car accidents, representing roughly 10 percent of all pedestrian accident fatalities across the United States.

To prevent such accidents, it's important for drivers to remain alert and aware at all times. This includes avoiding reckless behaviors such as speeding, ignoring traffic signals and weaving in and out of traffic lanes on Laredo's busiest roads. Furthermore, all drivers should avoid driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and avoid driving being distracted by a cell phone or text message.

If drivers choose to ignore both Texas laws and basic safety rules, the consequences can be catastrophic to pedestrians and other drivers alike.

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