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Study: 6 of the 100 Most Congested Roads in Texas Are in Laredo

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Car accidents are more likely to occur on congested roads.

Laredo has six of the most congested roads in Texas, according to a recent study conducted by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute as part of the Texas Department of Transportation's 2023 Unified Transportation Program designed to decrease traffic congestion, improve roads, and prevent car accidents.

"Texas' rapid growth reinforces the importance of investing in transportation to efficiently move both people and freight across our diverse state," TxDOT Executive Director Marc Williams said in an interview with LMT Online. "TxDOT is working hard to not only build the new roads and transportation capacity Texas needs but to maintain the more than 80,000 miles of roads and other transportation infrastructure under our care."

Anything officials in Texas can do to prevent car accidents from occurring is welcome news. Attorney John R. Solis knows how serious and fatal motor vehicle accidents can wreak havoc on people's lives. If you were injured in a Laredo accident, contact us today for a free case evaluation.

6 most congested roads in Laredo

The recent Texas A&M Transportation Institute study identified the 100 most congested roads in Texas, including six roads in Laredo:

  • Mann Road/Springfield Avenue (28th most congested road in Texas)
  • Mines Road and FM1472 (37th most congested road)
  • Lloyd Bentsen Highway (60th most congested road)
  • Del Mar Boulevard (75th most congested road)
  • Mines Road/ FM 1472 (77th most congested road)
  • McPherson Road (78th most congested road)

In addition, Webb County, where Laredo is located, has the distinction of being home to one of the 100 most dangerous roads in the country. Route US 83 in Webb County, Texas, has the second-highest fatalities per car accident nationwide, according to a traffic safety study conducted by ValuePenguin.

How traffic congestion contributes to car accidents

Traffic congestion and car accidents often go hand-in-hand for many different reasons, including some of the following scenarios:

  • Some drivers follow cars in front too closely, resulting in rear-end accidents.
  • Aggressive drivers weave in and out of traffic, resulting in an accident, including head-on collisions or intersection accidents on congested city streets.
  • Distracted drivers speeding on a highway who are not aware that traffic is stopped ahead, resulting in a high-speed rear-end collision.
  • Construction zone accidents, whether they involve two vehicles on the road or a car striking a construction vehicle parked alongside the road.
  • Multiple-vehicle accidents, especially if there's already an accident and another driver crashes into the first collision. This scenario often results in a chain reaction of crashes.

How a Laredo car accident attorney can help you

If you're in an accident in Laredo on a busy route, you might think you don't need legal representation to recover your losses—especially if another driver was obviously at fault.

However, the truth is that many seemingly straightforward accident claims develop into complex legal matters. And if you don't fight for the compensation you're entitled to under Texas law, you could be forced to cover your accident-related expenses out of pocket.

Attorney John R. Solis understands what's at stake. That's why he wants to help. Let John review the details of your potential legal case, answer your questions, and get right to work helping you demand the money you deserve.

Discover what John can do for you. Contact us and schedule a free case evaluation with an experienced Laredo car accident attorney you can count on in a crisis.

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