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Texas Has A Deadly Fatigued Driving Problem

A drowsy driver yawns while operating a motor vehicle in Laredo, TX.

Hundreds of fatal car accidents in Texas involve drowsy drivers.

Texas has some of the most exhausted drivers in the U.S., according to a new survey. And it's causing hundreds of fatal car accidents.

Fatigued driving is a significant hazard on Texas roadways. From 2016-2020, Texas reported more than 3 times the number of fatal car accidents involving drowsy driving than any other state.

Still, a recent ValuePenguin survey shows that the Lone Star State isn't the most dangerous state for fatigued driving. While nowhere reported more than the 772 fatal drowsy driving accidents that Texas experienced, in two other states, tired driving significantly contributed to the overall number of fatal crashes.

In Texas, 4.6% of fatal car accidents involved drowsy driving from 2016-2020. Meanwhile, Wyoming reported 9.3% of fatal crashes involved fatigued drivers. Maine reported 5.9%.

A bigger problem

Drowsy driving could be a much bigger problem in Texas than the statistics note. Fatigued driving is notoriously under-reported, and without the right lawyer, it can be challenging for crash victims to prove. One AAA study estimates that about 10 percent of all U.S. car accidents involve drivers who were too tired to operate their vehicles safely.

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Here's what you need to know about drowsy driving in Texas.

Why is drowsy driving dangerous?

Missing sleep can affect drivers the same way alcohol or drugs do. In general, fatigued drivers experience delayed reaction time, lack focus, and are functioning with impaired decision-making skills. Fatigued driving is especially dangerous when the driver is a trucker operating a fully-loaded 80,000 lbs. tractor-trailer, semi-truck, or another type of big rig.

The following are drowsy driving statistics from the survey and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA):

  • About 60% of U.S. drivers say they've driven drowsy.
  • Southerners and Midwesterners are more likely to drive tired than people living in the Northeast and West.
  • In Texas, the number of deadly fatigued driving accidents decreased from 160 in 2016 to 141 in 2020.
  • Deadly crashes involving tired drivers increase in bad weather like fog and severe crosswinds.
  • Fatal drowsy driving accidents are more likely to occur during the day on a weekday than at night or a weekend. Researchers attributed this to the "dip" in energy many people experience in the late afternoon. If a motorist is sleep-deprived, this dip can make a risky driving situation even more hazardous.
  • Drowsy driving contributes more to fatal crashes around Christmas compared to other holidays.
  • To help prevent drowsy driving, it is recommended that adult drivers get the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep per night. Unfortunately, many adults do not get enough nightly rest.
  • Drowsy drivers said they drive tired because they're usually exhausted or have disrupted sleep schedules. Other factors cited include:
    • Work schedules.
    • Time of day.
    • Medication.
    • Sleep disorder.
    • Alcohol.

While we all get tired, that's not an excuse to get behind the wheel and put others at risk. Drowsy driving is negligent, and reckless drivers must be held accountable for the damage they cause.

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Attorney John R. Solis has decades of experience protecting the rights of crash victims and their families. He knows that even if there appears to be no evidence that the driver who caused your crash was drowsy, an investigation can find otherwise.

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