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Tips for Laredo Parents to Protect Kids from Halloween Car Accidents

Laredo auto accident attorneyIf your kids are among the 89 percent who will be participating in Halloween, you need to understand how to help them stay safe. Older teens are at risk of both pedestrian and car crashes in Laredo. Younger kids are at significant risk of pedestrian collisions on Halloween night. While some car accidents can't be prevented because drivers are careless, parents can take certain steps to reduce the chances their child will be hurt.

Tips for Laredo Parents to Prevent Halloween Car Accidents

Republican Herald warns parents their children face double the risk of dying in a car accident on Halloween night, compared with other days of the year. These tips could help to reduce the risk:

  • Consider the safety of your child's costume. According to Safe Kids, 75 percent of parents make safety a concern when selecting costumes. Every parent should focus on safety. Costumes should not be too long so children trip, and costumes should be brightly colored when possible to make it easier for drivers to see children.  Masks should also be avoided, as they can make it harder for kids to see oncoming traffic.
  • Have kids use flashlights. Only 37 percent of parents mandate their children use a flashlight while out trick-or-treating. Flashlights also make it easier for drivers to see children.
  • Talk with older kids - and younger kids - about Halloween safety. Thirty-five percent of parents said they talk to their children annually about avoiding risks on Halloween, but every parent should have this type of conversation. Kids ages 12-15 are actually at the greatest risk of pedestrian collisions, so even older kids should be warned about dangers.
  • Make sure younger children are supervised when trick-or-treating. Age 12 is generally the earliest age a child should trick-or-treat alone. Twelve percent of children under age five have been allowed to go door-to-door without adult supervision, but parents should not assume older kids will be good at keeping an eye on younger children who are out on Halloween night.
  • Warn children to only cross the road when they are at designated intersections or corners.  Seventy percent of pedestrian collisions on Halloween night happen in the middle of the road. Drivers are unlikely to see kids who run out into the road and drivers may be unable to stop on time when a kid comes into their path.

These tips can go a long way towards reducing the chance your child will be one of the kids killed each year in a pedestrian collision on Halloween.  However, no matter how careful parents and kids are, they can't do anything to stop dangerous drivers from putting children at risk. reports 23 percent of pedestrian accidents on Halloween night involve impaired drivers. If motorists drink, are distracted, speed and engage in other high-risk behaviors, kids are always going to get hurt- and drivers should always be held accountable.

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