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Traffic Fatalities Are Down, Drunk Driving Is Still A Problem

Laredo auto accident attorneyThe year 2017 was not a good one for drivers in Texas. Traffic accidents resulted in a record 3,720 fatalities, but 2018 saw that number decrease by four percent, with 3,567 lives lost. While this is certainly a positive trend, four percent over the course of a year is only a meager decline.

Despite the decrease in traffic accident fatalities, and the increased awareness of the dangers of impaired driving, alcohol use while driving remains a problem in Texas. Mark Hanna is a spokesman for the Insurance Council of Texas (ICT). He and his colleagues have recently released a report detailing the most prevalent causes of car accidents.

“Driving under the influence of alcohol and speeding continue to be the leading causes of fatal traffic crashes,” he said. “Together, both of these factors make for a deadly combination.”

Drunk driving accidents have decreased by as much as 33 percent in the last three decades, but, 2/3rds of a very high number is still a lot. Studies have also found a strong correlation between drunk driving and speeding. Those who are reckless enough to get behind the wheel after a few drinks were also far more likely to drive too fast. The combination of alcohol and unsafe driving speeds has led to far too many accidents across the Lone Star State.

ICT’s report suggests implementing better traffic safety laws to help decrease the accident rate. These laws include requiring motorcyclists to always wear helmets, making rear-facing car seats mandatory for all children until the age of two, and placing more restrictions on young drivers.

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