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Curbing Laredo Truck Accidents Goal of ELD Mandate

Advocates for reducing the risk of trucking accidents in Texas are hailing a decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to decline review of a petition against a new federal mandate requiring electronic log devices on all large trucks. The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association asked the court to consider its argument against the mandate, which is...

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Texas Truck Accidents a High Risk in Laredo

A three-vehicle truck accident in Laredo recently killed four people. Authorities told NBC-8 the semi-truck driver rear-ended a pickup truck traveling northbound on Highway 359. The impact of that collision sent the truck into the opposing lane, where it was struck by another vehicle on the passenger side. The crash signals part of a greater...

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Laredo, TX Drivers Cause Accidents By Being Too Aggressive

Many drivers report feeling frustration while they are on the road. Too many motorists act on this anger and give in to these emotions by driving in unsafe and aggressive ways. When drivers do this, they can cause an accident and injure themselves or injure others. Victims who are seriously hurt by an aggressive driver, or...

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Opioid Use Among Truckers Increasing Accident Risks

Concerns about trucker drug use have long been a pressing issue within the industry. In 2013, for example, Reuters reported on troubling studies demonstrating a significant number of truckers were using marijuana, cocaine, alcohol, amphetamines, and other intoxicating substances. As many as 20 percent of truckers had admitted to marijuana use, according to Reuters, while...

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New Efforts to Prevent Laredo Sleepy Driver Truck Accidents

Drowsy truck driving is a serious problem nationwide. The issue made headlines recently when the driver of a Wal-Mart truck who had been awake for 24-hours caused a truck accident that seriously injured comedian Tracy Morgan. This accident is far from the only one in which a fatigued truck driver caused a devastating outcome to...

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What to Do After a Commercial Truck Accident in Laredo?

After a commercial truck accident in Laredo, accident victims or their family members may be able to pursue a claim for compensation. Knowing how to pursue such a case and understanding which options are best can be complicated. An experienced truck accident lawyer should be consulted for assistance during the post-accident process so you can...

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Advice for Laredo Drivers to Avoid Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are significantly more likely to cause injuries or fatalities among people who are not in the truck when the accident happens. Other motorists, including passengers and drivers, face a substantial risk due to the large size of the truck. Truck drivers have responsibilities to drive safely, obey regulations, and do everything possible to...

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