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The risks of drowsy driving are greater than we think

Believe it or not, losing a few hours of sleep can impact drivers the same way alcohol or drugs do. Drowsy driving often causes delays in reaction time, poor attentiveness, and impairments in decision-making skills — even when drivers are still awake. Drowsy driving is becoming a growing threat to public safety in Laredo and across...

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Will State Officials’ Tougher Stance Make Texas Roads Safer?

According to the Texas Tribune, there has been at least one traffic fatality per day in Texas since November 7, 2000. On a positive note, the statewide death toll has declined by two percent from 2016-2017, but Texas still leads the nation in traffic fatalities. This has state officials exploring ways to bring the death...

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Laredo Lawyer on Recent Hyundai and Kia Recalls Due to Fires

When something suddenly goes wrong with a car, in most cases, it turns out to be nothing more than a nuisance. Having to get your car towed and repaired by a mechanic is often solved with out-of-pocket expenses. In some cases, a car’s mechanical failures can be catastrophic and even fatal. When manufacturing flaws pose...

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How Technology Can Best Prevent Fatal Pedestrian Accidents

As more and more people choose to get around on foot, the risk for pedestrian accidents increases. Overall traffic fatalities have dipped in 2019 but there were 6,227 pedestrian deaths in 2018, putting them at a 30-year high. In many communities, the infrastructure hasn’t caught up to the increase in foot traffic. Many roadways are...

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Laredo Attorney Discusses Deadly Rollover Accidents

The closest you want to come to a rollover accident is watching a chase scene in a movie. Veteran drivers of Interstates 35 and 69W in Laredo have seen many - the aftermath, anyway - during slow crawls past accident scenes. Most rollovers happen when a driver loses control of the vehicle, which tends to...

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Laredo Car Accidents Caused by Wheel Runoffs: An Attorney Discusses

They can happen on Interstates 35, 69W, and other major roadway in Laredo. When wheels become detached, drivers lose control of their vehicles, especially at high speeds.   Wheel runoff accidents can be catastrophic. They can result in lane-departure accidents, head-on collisions, T-bone accidents, and rear-end accidents. Vehicles can roll over, veer off the road, and/or crash into stationary...

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What To Do If You Have Suffered A Brain Injury After A Laredo Car Accident: An Attorney Explains

You were just struck by another driver in Laredo, Texas. If you didn’t lose consciousness, you may have noticed a bump on your head. You don’t think much of it. But days later, you become disorientated. Other unusual symptoms start to set in. You’re not yourself. What’s going on? You may have sustained a traumatic...

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