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Fraudulent Hospital Liens - If You've Been Scammed, Demand Justice - Talk to Attorney John R. Solis

You may have received hospital visit collection letters from hospitals demanding you pay them a large amount of money for a procedure. This is known as a hospital lien - a demand that you pay them for care you received.

While no one argues they shouldn't pay for services performed, these hospitals sometimes create fraudulent hospital liens.  These are scams in which they charge obscene amounts of money for services.

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You may have been injured in a car wreck through no fault of your own. Perhaps you received treatment at an emergency room or you might have been hospitalized for several days. You might expect the hospital to simply seek payment from your health insurance carrier. However, the hospital knows they may be able to get a lot more money for their services by going after any settlement, judgment or verdict you might receive from a lawsuit.

Why would a hospital overcharge me?

If you file a personal injury claim against the at-fault driver's insurance company, the hospital may file a medical lien against your claim. That means the hospital's name is attached to your financial recovery.

The Texas Hospital Lien Statute allows hospitals to seek payments from a victim's injury claim. The Statute states that they are entitled to be paid before accident victims see any money from the settlement. And the hospital is hoping you receive a big settlement. That way, they can charge a lot more for their services. (If they bill your insurance company, they would collect a contractually adjusted amount).

If you have a personal injury case, they may charge 5 to 10 times more than the service is actually worth. Attorney Solis knows that's not fair - and that's what drives him to work so hard on behalf of clients. Unfortunately, some hospitals act illegally when placing liens on settlements. They break the law by charging more for services than is reasonable. They should never exceed the regular rate. But they do abuse liens. It's fraudulent and it's a scam.

In too many cases, victims who are trying to recover from serious personal injuries end up becoming victims all over again. This time, it's not a careless driver or a negligent property owner. It's the hospital that is taking advantage of them.

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