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Swimming pools are popular in Laredo because of seasonable year-round temperatures and hot summers. Adults and children often flock to public or private pools to beat the heat during the summer months. However, pools can be dangerous places under certain circumstances. Swimming accidents may involve children, who may drown or suffer serious personal injury if they fall in the water and nobody is around to save them. Swimming accidents sometimes occur when there are lifeguards present, but the guard may be distracted or there may be a pool defect that prevents the guard from saving the child.

Slip and fall accidents around pools are also common, potentially leading to a severe brain or spinal cord injury.

John R. Solis, Attorney at Law knows many swimming pool accidents are preventable. Public pools are required to carry a sufficient number of lifeguards based on how many people are in a pool. Public and private pools also must have fences around them. An accident might occur at a private pool - be it a friend or family member's house - because of lack of supervision.

Common types of swimming pool accidents involve:

  • Accidental drowning caused by a lack of supervision
  • Slip and fall accidents near a pool
  • Diving board injuries
  • Unsafe pool parts or accessories
  • Overcrowded pool
  • Missing safety lines separating the deep ends from the shallow ends of the pool
  • Pool lights that don't work
  • Entrapment in suction drains
  • Accidents in spas

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A serious swimming pool accident can have devastating consequences in Texas. You may face significant expenses from the accident or drowning, including medical bills, physical therapy and funeral expenses if a loved one died in a swimming pool wrongful death. After a swimming accident, you may find you need to file a claim against a homeowner's insurance company or against a business who owns a public or private pool. It's critical to have an attorney on your side protecting your rights. That's why we're here. We know how to gather evidence and witness statements. We have experience taking on big insurance companies and holding them accountable.

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