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Attorney John R. Solis Protects the Rights of Victims

Boating accidents happen all-too-often on Texas waterways. John R. Solis understands how devastating a boating accident can be. Swimming accidents and other personal injury accidents can be caused by everything from defective boats, exploding engines and drunk boat operators. Negligent boat rental companies sometimes fail to prepare boaters to handle watercraft or don't place enough life jackets or safety equipment on board.

Boating accidents in Laredo might occur at Lake Casa Blanca or the Falcon Lake. John R. Solis, Attorney at Law also handles accidents involving water-skiing, Jet Skiing and other personal watercraft. Wherever your boating accident occurred, you can rely on us to protect your rights. Call 866-465-9093 for a free consultation.

How do boating accidents happen in Texas?

Boating accident injuries in Texas happen fast, including near-drowning, propeller injuries, fractures and slip and fall head injuries. Personal watercraft injuries are particularly common during the summer months, involving smaller watercraft such as Jet Skis and Sea-Doos. Boating accidents can take many forms and happen in all types of settings on rivers and lakes throughout Texas, including:

  • Collisions with recreational boats
  • Crashes with docks
  • Drunk or reckless drivers/passengers
  • Propeller injuries
  • Driving too fast for conditions
  • Malfunctioning safety equipment
  • Lack of safety equipment
  • Defective or malfunctioning boat parts
  • Yacht/boating club negligence

Contact a boating accident attorney today

We understand how difficult life can become after a boating accident. Medical bills add up. You may be unable to work. Accidents often cost much more than the insurance company initially offers as a settlement. That's why it's wise to arrange a free consultation with a boating accident lawyer in Laredo. We fight for the compensation victims need after serious accidents. Working with top experts, we gather evidence, talk to witnesses and scour police reports to build a compelling case. We know how to deal with insurance companies. We work tirelessly on behalf of each our clients, one case at a time.

It's important to act fast after you've been injured or a loved one was injured or died in a boating accident. Contact John R. Solis, Attorney at Law today. Call 866-465-9093 for a free case evaluation with an aggressive, diligent Laredo boating accident lawyer. Our firm serves clients in Laredo, across the Rio Grande Valley and San Antonio.