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Personal Injury FAQs from our Laredo Law Firm

After you've been injured in an accident in Laredo, it's common to have more questions than answers. Chances are you feel confused, frustrated or even angry.  John R. Solis, Attorney at Law is prepared to help you. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about what we, as a Laredo personal injury law firm, can do to help injury and accident victims obtain compensation for an accident.

Why should I hire a personal injury lawyer in Laredo?

Laredo personal injury cases can become complex very quickly. Whether you're dealing with a workplace injury or a dog bite or animal attack, you should consult with a lawyer to learn about your options. Retaining an attorney can often improve your ability to receive compensation for your losses. We can help you navigate through Texas' complex legal system and laws relevant to your case. We can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf. Insurance companies may try to take advantage of victims who are not represented by an attorney by pressuring them into accepting unreasonably low settlements. A Laredo personal injury lawyer can help maximize your compensation. Accident victims who are considering hiring a lawyer should contact us right away for a free consultation.

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How do I deal with insurance companies after an accident?

Insurance company adjusters and other representatives may be quick to offer you a "low ball" settlement after your accident. That's because they want you to settle your case before the true extent of your injuries is known. Leave the talking to us. We have the experience and resources necessary to negotiate with insurance companies after your accident to maximize the compensation you deserve.

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Can I file a personal injury lawsuit?

Most personal injury cases settle out of court, but John R. Solis, Attorney at Law is prepared to file a lawsuit and take a case to trial if necessary. After you contact our firm for a free case evaluation, you may find you have grounds to file a personal injury lawsuit in Laredo. We will only do so at your discretion, and after all other legal options have been explored. If you choose to do so, we will file paperwork with the necessary court. Contact us immediately if you have questions about your legal options.

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How much does it cost to hire an attorney?

You don't have to worry about any upfront costs, because we work on a contingency fee basis. That means our fees will be deducted from the final settlement in your case. You won't have to pay any fees if you don't win.

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How much is my case worth?

No one can tell you what your case is worth until all the facts have been investigated. While two accidents may seem similar, no two cases are the same. Each client has individual needs. We work one-on-one with each client who contacts our firm. That way, we can build the most solid and successful legal strategy possible. After your case has been investigated, your lawyer may seek compensation for economic damages (such as money to repair your car, pay for medical bills, lost income and other expenses) and non-economic damages (such as pain and suffering, emotional distress, and other losses). In rare cases, you may be entitled to punitive damages, which are designed to punish the at-fault individual or company.

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